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18 - Back to School Night



13 - Columbus Day- No School for students, Teacher In-Service



6 & 7 NJEA Convention- School Closed

12 - Parent Conferences- 1 PM Dismissal

13 - Parent Conferences - 1 PM Dismissal

14 - 1 PM Dismissal

26 - 1 PM Dismissal

27-28  Thanksgiving - School Closed



24-31 Holiday Recess - School Closed



1 & 2 - Holiday Recess - School Closed

5- School Resumes

19- Martin Luther King Holiday- School Closed



16-17 - Winter Recess- School Closed



2 - 27 PARCC Testing Grades 3-6
16 - No School for students, Teacher In-Service


2 - 1 PM Dismissal

3-10 - Spring Recess - School Closed
13 - School Resumes







15 - Parent Conferences- 1 PM Dismissal

16 - Parent Conferences - 1 PM Dismissal

17- 1 PM Dismissal

27 - May 22 PARCC EOY Testing Grades 3-6









25- Memorial Day- School Closed



5 - Field Day- 1 PM Dismissal

8 - 1 PM Dismissal

12 - 1 PM Dismissal (Tentative)

15 - 1 PM Dismissal )Tentative)

16 - 1 PM Dismissal Last Day for Students & Staff (Tentative)


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Montague School’s future . . .





On September 30th, voters will have the opportunity to set the direction for the future of our school district. If approved, a 3.2 million dollar expansion project would change our school configuration from a K-6 school to a K-8 school. Montague children would then receive their K-8 education here in this building, in their hometown. The state of NJ has approved debt service aid which will reduce the cost to 2.5 million dollars. The cost to the taxpayers is estimated to be $88.00 per year per $105,000.00 of assessed value.


The project includes the addition of 2 classrooms and a general science room. Two current classrooms will be relocated to the addition to accommodate renovations to the existing facility for locker rooms. The gym and cafeteria will remain as is.


Fact #1: As tuition costs continue to rise, we will be forced to reduce or eliminate programs, services and staff here in order to meet those tuition obligations. Tuitions paid to other districts are always higher compared to what we will provide here:

$593,433.00:        Tuition paid for 7th and 8th grade out of state students.

$304,000.00:        Cost to educate 7th and 8th grade students at Montague School.

$289,433.00:        Projected savings to educate 7th and 8th grade students here.


Future Boards COULD use the savings to pay the approximately $184,000.00 annual bond payment and have money left over to put back into our K-8 school for programs and services and possible tax relief. Essentially, no cost to the taxpayers.


Fact #2: Montague School is ranked at the TOP of the county for student achievement. We have achieved this through maintaining class sizes that allow grade level teaching teams to work with small groups of students; providing basic skills instruction in the classroom; providing the opportunity for students to work in mixed ability groups where effective peer and collaborative learning takes place.

Fact #3: The current building configuration and space does not allow us to provide for 7th and 8th grade because we do not have the two classrooms (one for 7th and one for 8th), the general science room or locker rooms. The addition provides these required areas for the students.



Direct questions to the Board of Education email at:


For detailed information, please read The BEAR Facts”.